Discover it Card - 5% Cashback Categories for July, August, September

Discover it Card - 5% Cashback Categories for July, August, September

Discover just released their upcoming categories for the 3rd quarter. The categories for July through September are Gas Stations and Digital Wallets.

While the Gas Stations category is pretty practical, it's unlikely you'll spend $1,500 on gas in 3 months (unless...road trip? :D). Digital Wallets on the other hand makes it much easier to take advantage of the 5% cash back in your day to day. And the best part is you don't need to bring your card with you. Just have your phone ready to go at a store, restaurant, or elsewhere accepting digital wallets.

TIP: When you eat out, always ask them if you can pay with your digital wallet before giving them any credit card. 

The Discover it Card is one of those cards that you should plan to get when the timing is right, mostly to best take advantage of the Discover Match feature which gives double the cash back for first year card members. To best utilize this feature and get effectively 10% cash back, you will want to get started with categories you know you can fully take advantage of. If you want to get a good idea of the other categories you will likely work with prior to making the jump, you can see it below (keep in mind, it's likely it'll repeat but also prone to change):

If you are interested in getting this card and the timing feels right for you, feel free to use the referral link here!

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