Getting Paid To Swipe

Getting Paid To Swipe
Whoops again! Looks like the below update is out of date. Yotta has silently nerfed cash prizes for all boxes at the moment and the odds are reportedly very low. Given the number of changes that have lowered the benefits of Yotta; at this moment, we no longer recommend Yotta.

Updated 6/8/23
Whoops! Looks like this article is out of date. Yotta has removed the lucky swipe feature for debit boxes now. When you swipe, instead of having a chance of a lucky swipe, you will be given a debit loot box. The debit look box has cash prizes up to your transaction amount (so a $500 transaction could get a $500 cash prize). In a way, you can still get 100% cash back from swiping, but the odds are now hidden. Keep a lookout for a new post to go over the suspected new odds for swipe churning with Yotta.

Updated May 2023

If you have not heard of Yotta before, then you are in luck (pun intended). Yotta is an online banking app that lets you earn rewards in the form of lottery tickets. Instead of receiving a fixed interest that is typically paid monthly, you receive lottery tickets which have a chance to earn rewards up to $10 million weekly.

A new lottery begins every Monday. Every time the lottery resets, Yotta will check your account balance and give you 1 lottery ticket for every $25 saved (up to the first $10,000 saved, then 1 lottery ticket for every $150 saved thereafter). That is potentially 400+ chances to with up to $10 million dollars per week.

That is not where all the fun is though. The most interesting and overlooked feature of Yotta is their lucky swipe feature. If you sign up for the Yotta Debit Card, you can get a chance of getting your next purchase paid for by Yotta for free. There is surprisingly very little catch to it but let's dig into the details!

Every time you use your Yotta Debit Card, there is a chance to get a lucky swipe. If you get a lucky swipe, you will see the following pop-up:

Uploaded by u/0v0Sox in /r/yotta
Uploaded by u/0v0Sox in /r/yotta

Did you catch anything interesting about the screenshot above? The lucky swipe triggered on a Venmo payment. That's right. You can get lucky swipes from simply paying your friends back on Venmo. And the good news is that Venmo lets you use debit cards to fund peer-to-peer payments with zero fees.

A lucky swipe has a maximum prize of $5000. This means that if used your Yotta Debit Card on a $5000 down payment on something like a car and triggered a lucky swipe, then it would be fully reimbursed*. That is basically a FREE $5000 straight to your pocket. Yotta Debit Card has a daily limit of $10,000 so if you are feeling really lucky, you could get up to $10,000 reimbursed in a single day.

*Reimbursements take 30 days to be awarded but will show in your card transaction history the moment the lucky swipe is triggered.

Without any boosts, a lucky swipe has a 1 in 200 chance of triggering. By setting up direct deposit, the odds improve to 1 in 150. A Yotta Card referral* gives you the best odds at 1 in 100. However, this boost only lasts 30 days. If you do not have a referral and still want 1 in 100 or better odds, you can swipe for specific categories such as Dining or Lucky Deals.

*The referral process for Yotta Card is no different than the regular Yotta referral. It is the exact same referral link and steps to sign-up.

The Yotta Debit Card is a great alternative if you already use debit cards regularly since most debit cards offer no rewards. Even if you do not use debit cards as part of your financial routine, the Yotta Debit Card is a great addition to complement things like Venmo payments, CashApp payments, and bill pay. Instead of using your bank account, use your debit card.

Yotta is definitely luck-oriented, but it still tries to make you feel rewarded regardless of the outcome. Didn't win the lottery? You get 0.20% APY guaranteed. Didn't get a lucky swipe? You get 10% of your purchase amount as lottery tickets for future use. It's all of these mechanics that really make banking at Yotta a very unique experience and Yotta continues to add more features.

If you are interested in trying out Yotta Debit Card or Yotta in general, feel free to use the referral link here or use the referral code ANDY536 when signing up for Yotta to get 100 tickets in next week's contest.

With Yotta, you can turn your everyday spending into exciting opportunities to win big. So why not try Yotta and start earning rewards today?

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